Thursday 10th December 2015

It’s so funny, Troy is more into the Elf on the Shelf this year than I am. He’s always the one to remember to move it, and he just built it a chair of Lego bricks to sit on.

I’m tired tonight. I taught this morning, which was good, and then after school there was a showing of all the Bully Stoppers short films that the kids in the senior room made. I went to school at the regular pick up time but took a snack for the kids and they ate that and played until it was time to go in and watch.

The movies were so good! Emma’s group had made a stop-motion animation with Lego, and another group had done a stop-motion with Simpsons figures. Then there were two groups who had done live action, and a film made by the whole class together using puppets. The kids had all worked so hard, I was so impressed with them. It’s pretty cool the things that they are creating with different kinds of digital media at the school, the kids are really picking up skills.

There was also a presentation about bullying from a teacher as part of this, and then the senior kids served an afternoon tea when it was all finished. Jericho and Soren behaved themselves beautifully and had fun watching the little films. I think they probably really liked the stop motion, because that’s something they spend a lot of time doing themselves.

Nothing much else going on. School carols tomorrow night, and then we’re only a week away from the last day!


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