Wednesday 9th December 2015

Jericho was so naughty at school today that he had to write an apology note and bring it home to be signed! I am shocked, but at the same time I am not exactly surprised – he has been increasingly silly recently. Despite the whole note home deal, I don’t think he was particularly criminal, just mucking about when they were supposed to be singing or something. He told me nine other children had to write notes too, which of course led to that serious parental lecture on doing the right thing regardless of what those around him do.

I am very sorry I misbehaved by leaping around when we were doing a song. I will not let it happen again. Sorry. Next time I will move away. From Jericho.

I had another psychiatrist appointment today. She’s happy with how it’s going, and so we’re going to keep the medications as they are for now. Next year she wants me to go back to the psychologist and work with her on developing strategies that I can use when I feel myself becoming depressed to stop falling so far. She also really wants me to get physically fit, which is going to be a lot harder. Diet and exercise are not my friends! I know where she’s coming from though. We talked about how my depression really is biologically based – there is honestly nothing in my life that makes this a kind of situational depression. I mean, I feel completely loved and supported by Troy and I feel the same way towards him, our kids are smart and healthy and growing up beautifully, we have enough money to have everything we need and some of what we want, I have a job that I like and a workplace that’s a good place to be etc etc. So she feels that for the best management of a biologically based mood disorder I need to be as physically healthy as possible. Which is a nice idea, but…we’ll see.

I went via Petstock on the way home to get a different flea treatment for Luna. For thirteen years we used Revolution on Pedro and never had a problem but, despite using it as directed on Luna, she has been consistently riddled with fleas for the last couple of months. We’ve continued to Revolution her, wash her with a flea shampoo, and even pick the damn fleas out of her fur ourselves and nothing has helped! The cats (who we also use Revolution on) seem to be fine, it’s just Luna. So I got a different brand this time, a chewable tablet, and fingers crossed it does the job. There is something about tiny biting insects that is deeply unpleasant, even if they’re not bothering you personally.

Emma’s orientation day yesterday went well. It turned out that the girl she met on the first orientation day (Trinity) is going to be in her class next year, and since the first thing they had them do on the orientation morning was sit in their class groups in the stadium Emma found her right away. She was happy to see Emma too and they kept each other company through the day, although they did talk to some other girls as well which was good. I’m glad she’s found someone she feels comfortable with early on. Even if they don’t end up great friends, at least they have someone they can share the scary first days with. And you never know- the first person I ever spoke to on my orientation day for high school was Catherine Moore, and she and I were great friends for years.

The orientation day was just for the morning. I had to have her at the stadium by 8.45, and then while she went and joined her class group I had to hand in the enrolment forms and booklists and payment info for both of those, and then go and listen to all the teacher presentations. I admit I was pretty tempted to skip the whole thing (after all, how much can it have changed since I went to this presentation for Nicholai, this time last year?) but I went. I was glad I did too, I didn’t get a lot of new information but my friend Catherine was there. Since she hasn’t been able to make it to craft in a few weeks I haven’t seen her in just as long, so it was great to be able to catch up with her. So funny to think that our Emmas are going into high school, and when we first met they were only four and six months old babies! Catherine and I spent the break talking together, and after it was all done we picked up the girls and the four of us went to have a milkshake. Emma and Emma aren’t in the same class next year, but they remembered each other a bit and so at least they’ll have another face that’s familiar if they see each other around.

I got a few bits of the uniform for her too. They had donated second hand uniforms available, so I went in towards the end to see if there was anything she would need left. I was lucky enough to get a dress, a jumper and a t-shirt and shorts for PE, so I was really happy. She won’t look completely shiny and new on the first day, but they’re in pretty good condition. We got a 15% off voucher in our info pack so we’ll have to go and buy her a bag and another dress, as well as a jacket, t-shirts and pants for winter. She’ll need new shoes and socks. We’ll also have to go through Nicholai’s things and see if he needs anything new too. It’s just so hard to believe that I’ll have TWO at high school!

Nicholai brought home his school annual today too. His name is actually mentioned in it a couple of times (for his high distinction in the maths comp, and his excellent result in the logical minds thing) and there’s a photo of him throwing a pie at a teacher on pi day. There was also a big write up about his class classifying galaxies and then winning the prize for doing this and winning stuff for the school and the right to name a star. Seriously, I knew nothing about this! The child tells me nothing! I know a lot of kids don’t say much about school, but you’d think things like naming a freaking star might be worth a mention.


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