Friday 4th December 2015

I was a very helpful daughter in law and went Christmas shopping with Jean today. She still had several kids to shop for, Kris Kringle stuff and stuff for Nokku’s family in Japan, and we got it all. It’s so much easier to shop for other people. When it’s me I will go back and forth and agonise over prices and choices and whether the person will like it or will they hate it…when it’s Jean’s shopping I’m much more able to just say, “Yes, get that, they’ll love it!” and it’s done.

We did some of the shopping at my house before we left – Schleichs for Soren, Gabby and Sophie- and then went to Knox for the rest. Jean knows her way around there so we just sort of went from shop to shop that we needed, rather than wandering about, although of course it sill ends up a lot of walking. I reached my step goal, anyway.

I had to be back in time to be up at the school by three o’clock for Jericho’s dance performance, and we actually shopped so efficiently that we had time to spare. I’m really glad, because the dance performances were great. The grade 2-4s have been doing a unit on cultural expression, and they’ve been looking at different kind of dances from around the world. The kids had to research where they come from, when they perform them, what they mean etc and then put together a performance themselves. Jericho was in a group who were researching Cossack dancing, and he’s loved it. He was so excited to perform it the other times they did it, and he was really good today. I was also impressed with him because he introduced his group and gave a little summary of their research, which he did without notes and very articulately. I also enjoyed the other dances too- because I teach I know all of these kids reasonably well, and it’s always interesting and fun to see them doing something else from another part of the curriculum. As well as Jericho’s Cossacks there was Thai traditional dancing, Polynesian dancing, Russian folk dancing, Chinese dragon dance, Irish dancing and hip-hop.

Luna rolled in something disgusting at Steve and Jean’s house while she was there. I went straight to the school from their house so I had to take her with me, but she smelled too revolting to take into the classroom so I had to tie her up outside. It was funny when I came out and was waiting with her for the kids to come out though- the horrible smell was attracting flies and she had a whole swarm of them buzzing around her head, and no flies went anywhere near me while I was just standing at the end of the leash. It also meant I had to bathe her as soon as we got home, which she hates.

Whatever- that dog doesn’t love me anywhere near as much as I love her. Her favourite person in the world is Jean. Seriously, when we stopped by home today to buy the Schleichs I went inside first and Luna, who was on her armchair, wagged her tail at me but otherwise didn’t move. Jean walked in behind me and Luna leapt off the chair and raced over to her, wagging her tail so hard her whole body was shaking and making little crying noises of joy!


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