Tuesday 1st December 2015

First night of the advent calendar tonight, and Soren got a little gingerbread man. These gingerbread men are tiny and adorable, but they are also the weirdest tasting gingerbread I’ve ever eaten. Still, it’s always nice to be the recipient of the advent treat for the day and Soren was gleeful.

Troy stayed home today. This was originally planned because he intended for us to go and test drive cars today, but as it turns out the version of the Jeep Renegade we have our eye on isn’t released until January. (Which in itself is weird I think- why would you launch your new model of car without releasing all the different versions at the same time? Especially considering all the versions have been available overseas for some time.)

While the delay is a bit frustrating, I’m trying to remind myself that it’s probably a good thing that we’ll wait a month or two. At least this way we’ll get the benefit of Troy’s pay rise as money in the bank rather than as a car payment, which is probably good with Christmas and school related start-of-year expenses.

So anyway, there didn’t seem too much point to test driving the other option (which is the Suzuki Vitara- the same car they kept flogging on the Block! Turned me off it!) but Troy still took the day off.

Honestly, I think it was probably good for him. He has been dealing with so much stress lately, mostly because of me, that it can’t have been good for him. I think it’s good that the Christmas break is coming up.

Even though Troy didn’t go to work he did a bit at home. When I got up he’d taken the kids to school and had pulled out all the Christmas presents we’ve put away for them and sorted them out. It was good to look at it and see what we’ve got, even better to realise that we are mostly done. There are still things to be delivered, but we’ve only got a couple more things to buy.

The two of us took a Costco trip once I’d got up. Bad to shop there hungry though! Still, it’s been ages since we went and we had so much we needed to buy. It was definitely easier to navigate the place without the children in tow. That pretty much did me in for the day though- I was overstressed and tired and was glad to get home.


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