Saturday 28th November 2015

Happy birthday Troy! We’re the same age now, for almost a month. I think he had a good day. His birthday present from his mum and dad was money for a movie and a dinner out, so this afternoon we left the boys with them and Troy and I went to see The Hunger Games: Mockingjay pt 2. We both liked it a lot, and had a really nice time together.

The boys had a good time at Steve and Jean’s place. They were roped into picking up sticks throughout the swamp and down the side of the driveway, which they weren’t thrilled about actually. But it’s part of making the property as fire-safe as possible, and the boys didn’t mind too much. They thought it was worth it when they got to light the burning heap, anyway. Lots of rides in the tractor and some computer time and baths and dinner as well, so they all had a good time. Emma was at a sleepover, that’s why she wasn’t there with them.

Nicholai got a wicket at cricket today. That’s his third wicket this season- he’s improved immensely.


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