Friday 13th November 2015

The kids are all eating sandwiches and fruit because I fell asleep and therefore failed to cook tea. This is getting out of hand. I’d also had a nap earlier in the day.

But I finished sorting the Lego. I finished it in the morning and admired it all day, knowing that tomorrow the children will begin playing with it and my world of perfect order will be destroyed.

My UFC t-shirts arrived today, along with Emma’s Schleich figures that she bought with her birthday money. It was good getting two boxes from the parcel lady, and the t-shirts look as though they will fit okay, which is good.

Even though I have to admit, I still feel like a bogan going to the pub to watch people pound each other to a pulp. Although maybe I’ll take my knitting and do something on my cardigan, which is so far from being a bogan thing to do it’s ridiculous.

I haven’t done any craft for so long. Because I fail at everything I’ve just given in and bought an advent calendar off ebay. I have only made eight little stockings, and I need twelve more by December 1 for my own handmade advent calendar to happen. Given that I can’t bring myself to do any craft at all, that is not going to happen. So now I’ll just have eight adorable little stockings to use as tree ornaments, or to give away as teacher gifts.

Being a bogan…I get Rowdy Ronda Rousey and Troy gets Fight Like a Girl.

This is all the Lego- I don’t even know if it’s a lot. It FELT like a lot when I was sorting it! Those containers are either 2.5 litres, 1.5 litres or 500ml. But considering Soren is only six and Jericho is nine I think we still have a few years of lego buying ahead of us. I’ll need a shovel to move it around next time I sort it.


One thought on “Friday 13th November 2015

  1. Woooohooooo bring it on Rhonda!!!! ( I think that’s the girl you like) I hope you enjoy it, prepare yourself for lots of LOUD cheering!! I bet that UFC can get pretty brutal? Great job with the lego too! I bet they will play with it now it is all sorted. I cleaned up and rearranged our play room this arvo, and then of course the kids all wanted to play out there and now it is totally messy again! I love you, love Elle xo

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