Tuesday 10th November 2015

Lego. Lego, lego and more lego. Stupidest project I’ve ever come up with.

It rained most of the day today, so it was cool and just a nice day to be inside. Especially since the cold I was developing yesterday turned into a cough and a stuffy head today. Jean and I were supposed to walk this morning but it was raining so we called it off and sorted Lego for an hour instead.

After she’d left I lay on the couch and basically slept until 3, when my alarm went off to remind me to go and pick up the children. So it was hardly the most exciting of days.

The kids were maniacs when they came home after school. Just wrestling and fighting and shrieking and laughing – they weren’t fighting with each other but it was just as annoying!

Troy was in the city again today, doing his financial planning thing. He’s going in to the city every day for the rest of the week.

I’ve got an appointment with the psychiatrist tomorrow. I don’t know what to say- sometimes I’ve felt better on this medicine and sometimes I’ve felt just the same? I still cry a lot. I can’t stop sleeping and I’m kind of dopey and sometimes can’t remember stuff. Functionality wise- not so great. It all sounds so cheerful, doesn’t it?

3 thoughts on “Tuesday 10th November 2015

  1. Hey there sleepy head! I hope you are making a dent in the lego and your appointment goes well. Enjoy the rest while you can busy times coming up and the way the weeks are flying by it will be holidays before you know it. I love you Rebecca, love Elle xoxo

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