Monday 9th November 2015

Today was kind of a crappy day. I didn’t get enough sleep last night (ie about 6 hours instead of my preferred 10) so I was tired, and then I had a sore throat and sore ears and a runny nose. Just a cold, but one of those things that often makes you feel worse than something more serious.

Plus, I’m still sorting Lego. I can no longer stand the sight of the stuff and I even wanted to remove it from Santa’s shopping list. Which I won’t do, but it would be good!

Troy and I have started thinking about Christmas and birthdays. Troy has asked his mum to babysit the kids and pay for he and I to go for a movie for his birthday. He’s come up with a few ideas for us to give him, so that’s okay. I want a desk chair for my birthday I think, which is boring but needed. Soren’s birthday…well, hopefully we’ll come up with enough Christmas ideas that there will be some left over for his birthday.

We’ve also started shortlisting cars. There’s my ideal Jeep, but if it’s not in the budget then we have to go with something else. So we’re looking at all the specs of the cars and I’m getting confused and Troy’s in heaven, so it’s pretty much what I thought it would be like.



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