Saturday 7 November 2015

Why can’t I leave well enough alone? As always, the amount of Lego we have that gets strewn all over the house drives me crazy. I HAVE to go into Jericho and Soren’s room to say goodnight and hang up their tshirts and I’m sick of stepping on Lego or having to just kick it out of the way.

Since we got our extension, we’ve stored their Lego in the drawers of a big coffee table in their room. This is (or should be) excellent – they’ve get plenty of room on the top of the table to play, and the drawers are so big that there’s plenty of room for all the Lego, and they could even leave some of the sets together in the drawers if they were careful. I mean, the thing was always a mess, with the table piled with Lego that then leaks off and migrates all over the floor, but the theory was okay.

However since they’ve been wanting to make some of the sets again but can’t find any of the pieces in the Lego soup, I thought we’d buy storage containers and sort the bricks by colour, so that it would be easy(ish) to find a necessary piece. The containers can live in the drawers, and be easily sorted. The kids first seemed to find this idea agreeable and we all settled down to sort this morning, but then Jericho began to find the whole idea objectionable. I don’t know what changed his mind, but he was soon carrying on about ‘his’ Lego going into this communal pot with Soren and Emma’s Lego, and what a bad idea it was, and how all the Lego was missing…I don’t know, but he’s just impossible when he gets like that! He’s very possessive too- it’s okay for him to share Soren’s Lego but Soren’s not allowed to share his! Which makes his temper tantrum this morning even sillier. When it’s in a giant Lego soup mess there’s no way to tell whose Lego is whose, but if we manage to remake the sets then they can sort them out if they want to.

Blah blah blah- basically he continued to be a complete crank for the rest of the day, from sorting out the Lego to bitching about the tv just minutes ago. So we’re now not watching tv and they are all doing quiet reading until it’s time to go to bed. Which can’t come fast enough.

God, what a stupid rant about Lego. Blasted stuff. And Santa’s going to bring some more of it because it’s mostly all they want!

Oh, and also today Emma was sick. Which is not something she can help, but which is still gross. I felt so bad for her. It came on really quickly too, she was happily making plans to bake a peanut butter cookie pie one minute and then the next minute she was throwing up and sitting huddled up on the couch looking pathetic. Needless to say, no peanut butter cookie pie for us today.


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