Tuesday 27 October 2015

Nicholai is reading Harriet the Spy. I love that book so much, and I’ve never managed to get any of the kids to read it. However Nicholai keeps reading bits aloud, so he’s obviously finding it hilarious. I feel quite satisfied with this.

I went for a long walk today with Jean. We’ve got a little less than four kilometres to go of the Warburton trail, which I’m both surprised and impressed about. I did get sunburned on my neck though, which sucks. But it was pretty sunny and some of my medication makes me photosensitive.

We walked so long that we didn’t have time to come home first, and so Jean (who had driven us in her car) came with me to pick up the kids, which was a nice surprise for them.

Troy spent the day in the city, learning to be a financial planner. He’s doing that all this week and next week as well, and he won’t be getting home until 6.30 or so at night. I’m really glad he doesn’t work in the city and make that commute every day.


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