Sunday 25 October 2015

Back to school tomorrow. The weekends are both too short and too long. Mum and Dad came to visit this weekend, which was lovely. They got here yesterday afternoon and stayed overnight and left this morning. We didn’t do much, apart from take a little walk to IGA, but it was good just to spend time together.

Kids are all good. Emma went bowling yesterday, with her hockey team, which she said was really fun. It’s her birthday next weekend so Mum and Dad gave her her presents – a cakes and cookies cookbook, a long dress and a crocheted style cardigan. All were very well received. She wore her new clothes today and has spent a long time studying the cookbook and making note of everything she wants to cook.

Nicholai and Jericho are driving me completely insane, as they just cannot leave each other alone. It’s just pick, pick, pick all day and I spend half my time ignoring them as they snipe at each other and then yell out, “Muuuuuuum!”

Soren made me laugh this afternoon. Troy had bought a honey and macadamia roast roll from Leonards for tea, and Soren asked me suspiciously if he would like it. I said yes, and then he just shook his head and said sadly, “But I can’t really trust you. You always say I’ll like things.”

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