Friday 23 October 2015

I can’t believe it’s the end of another week. This year is just starting to get away from me- I’m trying to come up with Christmas presents for the kids and getting nowhere…I’ve got two months to get it together.

I taught yesterday. It was a bit of a mess- I had a psychiatrist appointment first thing in the morning so I was late. I knew I would be and I had arranged to miss my first class, but I was late for the second one anyway. So the lateness continued through every class, and although the kids behaved pretty well I was a bit demoralised when I realised how little they are learning. We were doing a sheet about emotions, and at the end I was asking who could remember the translation for certain words and apart from the usual two or three no one remembered anything.

The psychiatrist appointment was okay. Another change in medication- I really hate this. I just want to find the thing that works, only it’s like no damn thing works, or doesn’t work for long even if it initially helps. Anyway, I suppose there’s nothing to do but follow the new plan and hope for the best. It has to do something, because I’ve started crying about nothing and I’m getting less and less functional- mum and dad are coming tomorrow and I’m already mentally apologising over the wreck of my house because I haven’t been doing anything.

I didn’t do anything much today, although I did go out in the middle of the day. Emma’s class had an anti-bullying talk held at the chocolaterie, so I had volunteered to be a driver for it. I had to go to the school and pick up some children (Emma, Mia and Chloe) and drive them there, then drive them back to school later. There didn’t seem any point in going home in between, so I took my ereader and ate their ‘trio of chocolate mousse’ while I read World War Z. It was unbelievably delicious, and reading and eating was quite relaxing.


One thought on “Friday 23 October 2015

  1. Rebecca we don’t come to visit your house, we come to see you and your beautiful family. Love you and see you tomorrow xx

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