Wednesday 21st October 2015

Omg, we just had the worst experience! There was a huntsman spider on the ceiling so Troy sprayed it with flyspray. We were just standing around waiting for it to drop down so Troy could hit it with a shoe when Luna came and stood there, looking up to see what was going on. The next thing the huntsman DID fall from the ceiling- right on to the dog’s head!

For a moment she didn’t notice, and Troy was kind of looking from his shoe to the dog, like should I really do this? Then Luna realised that something was on her head and tried to get it off, which meant that the huntsman just moved down til he was clinging on to Luna’s collar, under her ear. It was terrible! The dog was running all over the room with a giant spider attached to her collar, and we couldn’t exactly start beating her about the head with a shoe to get at the spider. All Troy and I could do was watch and wait for the spider to move to a location on (or preferably off) Luna where either she could either scratch it off or we could flick it off. Eventually it moved and she went berserk trying to scratch it and get rid of it, then she was holding it between her paws and trying to lick it until we dragged her away and finally got rid of it.


2 thoughts on “Wednesday 21st October 2015

  1. oH MY GOD! That sounds horrible but because I am tucked up safe in Bendigo with no huntsman also kind of comical, like a movie!!!!! Glad it was you and not me sister!!

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