Tuesday 20 October 2015

Still just trudging on today. I did get out and go for a walk with Jean after lunch. It was horribly humid, but I’m glad we went anyway. No doubt it was good for me to get outside, and we saw several pretty horses which was nice. For the first time I wished I was still doing my project 365, there would have been a nice photo from today. I suppose I can always pick it up again one day.

Kids have just been doing kid stuff lately. It’s nice not to have any huge dramas going on!

I’ve spent ages talking about and looking at cars with Troy. His payrise still hasn’t been negotiated so it may all come to naught, but the new Jeep I want has been released to we’ve been looking at that. We’ve been looking at other options too, but both of us prefer the jeep. Our current thinking is that we’d get a new small car to replace Troy’s car (which is still okay, but I don’t really like to drive it), and then I would mostly drive the new car while I’m doing all the school driving, shopping etc. The van would then be used only when we need both cars, like when hockey is in different places, or if everyone was going. This should save a little bit of money on fuel, since a smaller car would be more fuel efficient, but mostly it should extend the life of the van so that it will hold out until the kids are grown up and we don’t need it. It will be really exciting if we can make it happen, but who knows really. Money is so stressful.


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