Sunday 18th October 2015

We’ve had a busy weekend. Friday night was the kids’ movie night at school. This is the second fundraiser they’ve had for the grade 5/6 camp. While I think having fundraising to offset the cost is a good idea in theory, in practise it’s really not that good for me. I mean, I kind of got roped into helping at the movie night, which I didn’t really want to do, but by the time I’ve paid for three children to go to the disco, and now go to the movie night, I’m not going to have my camp fees reduced by anymore than I’ve paid in fundraising.

Troy helped too, to give me some moral support. Which is pathetic, I admit, but there you go. It made it better though. At first I had to help fill popcorn cups, and then Troy and I sat at the drinks table all night. That worked well- because I am anal about order and control I wrote every kid’s name on their plastic cup as they got their first drink, and then they all left their cups on the table beside me so they could use the same cup next time. Plus, I poured all the drinks so that at least we cut out spillage from that. It’s very handy being a teacher and a parent sometimes, and knowing all the kids’ names.

Saturday was Emma and Jericho’s hockey presentation. I was surprised by the big turnout, honestly, most of the kids were there for all the junior teams, from the under 10s to the under 16s. Emma and Jericho both got participation trophies and their coaches said nice things about effort and improvement, so that was good. They served pizza for lunch which would have been good except that I accidentally picked up slices of Aussie pizza- the egg was not visible and so it was effectively disguised as Hawaiian. They piled up the pizza boxes in the corner of the kitchen afterwards and it literally touched the ceiling, the kids thought it was awesome.

We left after lunch, before the presentations for the under 16 teams, which is horribly bad manners. But honestly I had had enough of noise and so many people and Nicholai was struggling, so we did it and I’m glad.

Today Jericho and I went shopping in the morning to buy a gift for him to take to Oscar’s party, which was this afternoon. It was a really easy shopping trip, surprisingly so for the usually indecisive Jericho. But he chose a storm trooper figure right away and didn’t even bother looking around after that.

So we came home, then Steve and Jean arrived to take Emma off shopping for her birthday. She and Alex were going, as they always do- a bit after Alex’s birthday and a bit before Emma’s. Once they’d gone it was lunchtime, and then Troy drove Jericho to a birthday party and did the grocery shopping. He then went back to pick up Jericho and a friend from the party and drop the friend at his place on his way home.

Then Steve and Jean brought Emma back. She looks really tired, but they had a good day and Emma and Alex both bought the same outfit- a short denim skirt, some black sandals, and a black sleeveless top with an eagle on it and a kind of crocheted/ lace edging at the bottom. They had about $20 to spend after getting the outfit, so Emma also got some earrings and a little resin tiger, and Alex got a handbag and a little resin tiger. I think it’s so cool that they go shopping together each year, and I kind of love that they still bought the same outfit today. They’re both turning twelve, so soon having matching outfits with your cousin won’t be really where they’re at! I also think it’s funny that she’s going to be wearing a short denim skirt which was pretty much a staple item of mine and my sisters’ wardrobes as children.

I miss the dog. I miss him every time I look out at the deck or go out in the yard or throw table scraps in the bin instead of in his bowl. We tried to give Luna some breakfast scraps and then she threw up in the study, so that’s not going to work.


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