Wednesday 14th October 2015

We said goodbye to Pedro today. The kids all spent time with him before they left for school, so it was a pretty sad and teary morning. Troy came home from work in the afternoon and he and I got the dog into the car and drove him down to the vet’s. It went as smoothly as these things can, I guess. Troy filled out the forms while Pedro leaned against my leg and I scratched his ears, then we patted him for the last time and left him with the vet. We decided not to be there in the end- Pedro isn’t a nervous dog so there was no worry about him suffering from any undue anxiety, after we’d patted him the vet gave him some liver treats and then he was quite happy to stagger off with him.

It’s so sad, but I know we did the right thing.

It’s going to take some getting used to though. Every time I walk past the door to the deck I automatically check for him. And both Troy and I nearly cried when we saw the children’s breakfast bowls with leftover cereal in them…there’s no Pedro to eat all the scraps!

Apart from dealing with the dog, I did my prep for teaching tomorrow. I had a couple of lessons that I wasn’t able to do last week (no cd player for the preps and I forgot my paper roll for the grade 1s) so I’m doing them tomorrow, which meant I had a bit of extra time today to spend scanning some drawings and making up some activities for the middle grades.

I also took Emma to the orthodontist first thing this morning. They rewired all the brackets and this time she has green bands on them- they’re certainly very bright in her mouth.

I had a blood test yesterday, for a DNAdose test. I’m not really responding the medication quite the way the psychiatrist would have hoped (or the way I would have hoped, to be quite honest…I would much rather be better than I am) so she’s doing this test, which measures the level of metabolising enzymes that work on various anti-depressants and anti-psychotics. Or something like that. Anyway, it’s apparently a relatively new sort of test to do, but it can give an idea about what medications should work depending on how fast/slow my metabolism is. Which all sounds very nifty…I just hope it shows up something that can get me out of my slump, because this is turning into a pretty dismal down patch.


One thought on “Wednesday 14th October 2015

  1. So very sorry to hear about Pedro. He had a very happy life but what a gigantic loss for you and your family. Hugs! Really hope these new tests help match you with some more effective medications. Crossing my fingers. xxoo

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