Saturday 10 October 2015

Nicholai’s first game of cricket today, so we’re back to having sport on the weekends. Troy took Nicholai to that since it starts really early, and got roped into scoring which he wasn’t thrilled about- he doesn’t know the kids’ names, which makes it hard. Nicholai didn’t get a bat but he bowled for a bit. His team have started the season with a loss, so we’ll have to see how they go after this.

I got up just in time to throw some clothes on and go and pick Emma up from her sleepover at Louise’s house. This was spontaneously arranged yesterday after school, which is something I hate, but I was kind of trapped into saying yes. I don’t know, it’s not that I mind her going on a sleepover at all, it’s just that I’d rather these things were organised in advance. Anyway, Emma had a good time and I actually don’t think they stayed up that late, which is good.

The rest of the day was really just everyone hanging around home. The weather was awfully humid, which isn’t very inspiring. It’s breaking now- I’m sitting here listening to the thunder and watching the lightning and hoping that the temperature overnight plummets. It should- it’s pouring with rain now.

Troy and I finished the last little thing in the library and put down the rug from Benita and Cam, so that’s all set. It was very satisfying to sit on the futon and admire all my books shelved in alphabetical order! I think we have about 800 books in the library, and probably another 300 still in the house (picture books, kids’ books, books I use for school etc) as well as the 3500 e-books catalogued on my computer (I know, I’m a disgraceful e-book hoarder) so really, no one in this house should ever complain that they don’t have anything to read. It also means that I will never, ever live long enough to read everything I want to!

Pedro pooped on the deck last night. This is really not good, since it’s a pretty clear indication that he either couldn’t or really didn’t want to get off the deck. Coming on top of yesterday when it took him three tries to get up on to his back legs (he eventually sort of had to rock himself up) it’s worrying. I know it hurts him to get up and down the steps, but he has to. He’s too big to be carried. Ages ago, when it was just theoretical, Troy and I agreed that when Pedro could no longer get up and down the back steps we’d know that it was time, but now that I’m actually looking at it…I don’t think I’m ever going to be ready to say goodbye to my Pedro dog.

Our library (or at least the part of it that's all neat and organised).

Our library (or at least the part of it that’s all neat and organised).




3 thoughts on “Saturday 10 October 2015

  1. The library looks so good and that is sad about Pedro. We had a storm here too, Quinn was a bit freaked out. Have a great Sunday I love you xo

  2. The library looks awesome. I know how you feel regarding Pedro. Doing what’s best for them can be so hard.

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