Monday 5 October 2015

Back to school today. Jericho and Soren were up, dressed, had breakfast and had made their lunch by 7.30. You’d think that would mean all would go smoothly, but no. As soon as I said it was time to go there was all kinds of drama about dog poo on shoes and broken shoelaces and then, most uncharacteristically, Soren just sat down on the step and sobbed that he didn’t want to go to school. It was quite heartbreaking actually. But I gave him a big hug for a little while and eventually he blew his nose and went out to the car.

I didn’t do anything all day. I just wanted quiet, and no one around to talk or need things or whatever else. It was really nice.

I picked the kids up after school and it was straight back into the usual asking for playdates and snacks and complaining about homework! But they all enjoyed their first day back, so that was really good.

Jericho enjoyed it exceptionally. They’re doing a unit of work on “expressing our feelings” and he said at first he thought it sounded really boring but they’re going to get to do lots of plays, so now he’s excited. He’s such a ham. He also learned how to draw llamas today, so he was thrilled with that. They’re his favourite animal. In fact, his computer background has a picture of a llama that has a unicorn horn photoshopped onto its forehead, a rainbow behind it, and says underneath “you’ll never be as fabulous as a llamacorn.”

Emma’s hockey clinic yesterday went well. She said it was really fun, and sounded pretty enthusiastic about it. It was taken by some of the Hockeyroos players, and they did some skills training as well as talking about how they came to play for Australia, and some of the tournaments and competitions they’d played in. I’m really glad she got to go and have some fun and see some girls who are strong and successful in their field.


One thought on “Monday 5 October 2015

  1. That does sound sad about Soren but im glad they all had a good day! Enjoy the last term. Did you end up hearing anything else abut your car? love Elle xo

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