Wednesday 30th September 2015

Most annoying phrase of the holidays? “I’m hungry but I don’t like X, Y or Z.” When X, Y or Z are the only available snack choices. My children are ridiculously picky. An apple is an apple! I mean, it’s okay to have preferences with your fruit, but when all the red apples are gone you can’t just turn your nose up at the green ones!

Anyway, despite that little whinge today was a good day. The kids and I went to the Sanctuary in the morning, which was an absolute pleasure. The kids can be so fun and funny to hang around with, and we got to see some good things. Unfortunately the World of Parrots was in quarantine so we didn’t get to go in and feed the parrots, but when we were in the Woodland Birds aviary a volunteer was there with mealworms that the kids fed to those birds.

We stayed just through the morning, which is really long enough to wear everyone out a bit, and then bought some rolls for lunch on the way home. The kids must have been tired because the afternoon was pretty quiet, everyone just doing whatever.


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