Sunday 27 September 2015

We did some more work on the library today, and it’s mostly done! All the alphabetising was done, so we finished re-shelving the non-alphabetical books (non fiction and the really old ones), and then shelved a bunch of jigsaw puzzles that have ended up out there. We’ve dismantled the bed and replaced it with the futon too, which was the last big task. There are still three big piles of picture books that we don’t have shelves for, and a plastic crate full of soft toys and some other stuff that is kind of junking the place up, but I don’t really know what to do with that. We also have the rug that Benita gave us to go out there, but it is still in the back of the van and thus stranded at the mechanic’s, so we couldn’t exactly put that down. Anyway, it’s not exactly the library of my dreams yet, but we’re getting there.

The rest of the weekend has been filled up with just ordinary weekend things really. We kept thinking we should do something, and then remembering that we didn’t have a car that fits everyone in so we couldn’t!

Troy and I did go to Costco yesterday, with the two little boys. Nicholai and Emma both wanted to stay home, so that worked out. It was the easiest Costco trip we’ve ever had- I don’t know if this was because we only had two children, or because it was sample Saturday and Soren and Jericho managed to eat ten samples. I don’t know know, I try and feed them something new and they’re as suspicious as if I routinely give them poison, but put it in a little white patty pan and call it a Costco sample and they’ll eat anything. I’m always disgusted by people at Costco though- how rude is it for grown adults to reach over small children who are already waiting and snatch up the little samples?

We watched a couple of movies and I did some knitting and crocheting. Knitting is still my cardigan (I’ve finished the back and one sleeve, and have begun on the left front) and I’ve crocheted another two Christmas stockings for the advent calendar. Six down, eighteen left to go.

Troy’s going to work tomorrow. He was supposed to have it off, because we should have just been coming home from Hamilton, but he thought he might as well go in and save his days for some other time. I don’t know what the kids and I will do.


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