Thursday 24 September 2015

I had a disappointing day today. Our car isn’t fixed, and isn’t going to be fixed until next week so we’re not having our trip to Hamilton. It’s so frustrating! Usually we’d be able to borrow Troy’s mum and dad’s car but they’re still away so that’s a no go. Troy’s taken the time off. We can’t wait and go next week either, because Troy has appointments and will have to work and Mum and Dad will be getting ready to go on their holiday in any case.

Having no car that fits in the whole family means we can’t do anything while we’re staying here really either. So it’s not like we can make the best of being stuck at home and do things here instead! It’s going to be a boring at-home holiday I guess. Judging by the way the children behaved today…yikes.



3 thoughts on “Thursday 24 September 2015

  1. I was looking forward to having you all to stay I always enjoy your visits. We’ll have to try and catch up after our holiday. Love you xx

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