Monday 21 September 2015

We had visitors today, as Ellen came over with her kids. It was such a nice visit, we just talked and ate scones for lunch and the kids all played. Ellen’s kids are so cute! It’s just so funny the way Quinn scoots around on her butt. Jesse just wanted to play with Jericho’s table soccer game all day, even if my children didn’t exactly give him any breaks. He’s a good sport though, even if he didn’t win he just kept playing on. Skyla was fascinated with Godzilla, and wanted to go outside and see him several times. She was also rather impressed with Emma’s collection of Schleich and Little Pet Shop animals.

It’s funny, Ellen’s kids just seem so small! Once they were here, I was just “What am I supposed to do with them? What do they like to play with?” Which was silly, of course we’ve still got suitable toys for the little girls, and Jesse is six months younger than Soren, so he’s fine with all the boys’ stuff. But just watching them move around and do their thing and talk to Ellen in the way that little ones do made it seem like my kids are such big lumps of children now! Oh, I don’t know…it made me kind of nostalgic, even though of course I get to just sit down while we’re together while Ellen has to keep going and seeing things and helping in the toilet and rescuing Quinn from stairs and changing nappies! But at the same time, she gets to pick Quinn up and snuggle kisses into her neck, and my kids are nearly all too big for that now.

At the same time Ellen’s kids are getting so big! I mean, Quinn isn’t a solo walker yet so she still seems like a snuggly baby, but Skyla is going to be four on Wednesday and Jesse is at school. Soon they’ll be as big as mine!


One thought on “Monday 21 September 2015

  1. It was so nice visiting you and I said the same thing to Craig, Your kids seem so grown up!!!! I am so tired though. We had a good trip back but I am off to bed. Thanks again xoxox

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