Friday 18th September 2015

Last day of school for term 3 today. I can’t believe that- only one more term before Christmas and before Emma goes to high school and Jericho starts grade 4 and Soren starts grade 2. Madness!

The kids had Jump Rope for Heart today, so I stayed at school instead of just dropping them off. Emma and Jericho can skip well, and Soren is hilarious- he still can’t skip more than one jump but he concentrates so fiercely that his tongue hangs out of his mouth. He was so funny. Despite all the moaning they’ve done over the past week or so, all three of the kids enjoyed the skipping. I stayed for about an hour to watch them do several different rotations and then I came home to enjoy my last bit of solitude for the next two weeks.

I really can’t talk to people. I mean, I’m well aware that I don’t really have friends, but it was just really driven home to me today that I am horribly unsociable and a complete social outcast. It’s the first time in ages I’ve spent any time up at the school when I’m not teaching, and it’s just hard not to notice that while I’m taking photos of the kids and hanging by myself and occasionally talking to teachers, all the other parents are in their little gangs and chatting away. It’s like being at school again, only this time I don’t have my own little group of friends to make it okay.

I watched two episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians today in an effort to understand why they’re famous and popular. The show failed to deliver an answer to me. However watching it did give me enough time to finish knitting the sleeve of my cardigan, so I now have a back and a sleeve! I think I’ll do a front next, to give me a break from having to do that fiddly cable pattern for a while.

I’ve also started crocheting little stockings to make an advent calendar. I made one a month or so ago to practise, and now I’ve bought some wool and begun on the ones I’ll use. They’re really cute, and they only take about an hour and a bit to make up. I’ve made three so far- I expect I’ll be pretty sick of them by the time I’ve done another twenty one.

We watched the Avengers: Age of Ultron tonight. I love family movie nights.

Luna and her best dog friend Angus at the skipping today.




6 thoughts on “Friday 18th September 2015

  1. You know what though, you see those other mums and think that they look like they have their shit together, but really, most of them probably just feel the same way as you on the inside.
    Lots of love to you xoxoxo

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