Tuesday 15 September 2015

A much quieter day today, with Nicholai back at school and nothing really important to do. I took the kids back to school and stopped at IGA on the way home for the usual fruit and bread. I also bought a new scrubbing brush and came home and scrubbed the bathroom with it…yeah, my life is that exciting that I’m talking about scrubbing the bathroom.

I did some more knitting. Unfortunately the season of The Ultimate Fighter I was watching is finished and I’m still knitting the sleeve- with the cabled panel in the centre it’s really quite fiddly. At the moment I’m just aiming to finish this cardigan by next winter, since I’ve been knitting it for two months and I have the back done and probably three quarters of a sleeve. I’ve ordered more yarn so that I can intersperse crocheting little stockings for the advent calendar with cardigan knitting, and while that will slow progress a little it will be a good way to maintain interest I think.

I averted another crisis with Emma tonight by sitting down and doing her homework with her. She’s certainly on an emotional roller coaster at the moment- I think we just need to get her through to the holidays and let her have a break from school. Tonight’s homework was to make a timeline about events important to Australia’s Federation from 1788 to 1901. It seemed pretty straightforward to me, but Emma didn’t even seem to know what Federation was, so obviously that made it a bit more challenging for her! So I sat with her and helped her work that out…I suppose at least now I’m slightly more knowledgeable than I was about Federation.

I’ve bought her a couple of birthday presents. I know it’s early, but I thought I’d get her some Twilight merchandise and that’s really only available on ebay now. So I bought her a Twilight tin lunchbox and some Twilight journals and I’m just putting them aside for another month and a half. I’m going to buy her some jewellery too, so she can continue her Claudia accessorising phase. When she was home sick she was looking on ebay at jewellery with me, so I know I’ll be able to get some things she will like.

I’ve got to do my planning tomorrow, and I think I have craft as well- maybe if I plan in the morning I can knit and actually finish the sleeve?


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