Sunday 6th September 2015

Happy father’s day! It was a very uncelebratory day here for Troy, unfortunately. I failed to be a good wife and organise a gift from the children and I think only Emma made a card at school and actually gave it to him. Oops.

Just to make the day even better, Troy was hauled out of bed first thing because Soren had vomited in the hallway. Yep…feeling like a celebration.

Oh well, not to worry. These things happen, and Troy’s love language is not gifts so he’s not unduly upset by any of this. His own father is away somewhere far from here on their holiday so he didn’t talk to him either.

Poor Soren has just spent the whole day feeling miserable. He was sick several times this morning, and although he hasn’t vomited this afternoon he’s spent most of it huddled on the couch under a blanket. He’s slept a little and cried a little, and in general just seems completely tragic.

Nothing much else got done. Troy offered Nicholai $5 to mow the lawn, to which Nicholai agreed. However he then refused to use the power mower and insisted he could do it with the push mower. You have to admire his effort, but half way through the yard he got blisters and gave up.

Troy decided he’d mow out the back since Nicholai didn’t want to use the mower, but he only got halfway round before the wheel fell off. (Literally- our mower is not exactly in good shape). So now both our yards are half mowed.

I read the most amazing book about three Jewish women who were actually pregnant and then carried their babies and gave birth to them while prisoners of the Nazis. They hid their pregnancies while they were in Auschwitz and were then transferred out to work in a factory where they kept it concealed until right near then end. As the war ended and the Nazi regime collapsed they all three gave birth- one of them literally at the gates of the concentration camp they were taken to in the final days of the war. It was honestly the most amazing story of survival I’ve ever read, these three women and their three little babies.


2 thoughts on “Sunday 6th September 2015

  1. I hope no one else gets sick! The book must if been awesome for you to mention! Was it really sad? Some of those holaucust books make me too sad and I can’t sleep when I read them!! Love Ellen xo

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