Tuesday 1st September 2015

It’s the first day of spring today, and the weather decided to go along with this and was lovely. I spent a bit of time outside in the sunshine, reading in the hammock chair, which was lovely. It would have been a nice extra dose of vitamin D, since I seem to be chronically deficient in that.

Sadly my day wasn’t all sunshine and relaxation, since I had to go up to the school and collect Jericho. They were rechecking the kids’ hair for lice and Jericho apparently still had eggs in his hair. They should all be dead after the treatment, but I guess they don’t know that. So I had to bring him home and condition and comb his hair and hope that this time I got them all. Much to his displeasure I took him back to school once this was done – he wanted to stay home but it was only eleven o’clock and it wasn’t like he was sick or anything!

My house is covered in cards at the moment. Between football cards, Pokemon cards and Yu-gi-oh cards there’s a million of them in little piles everywhere. It is also covered in Garfield comic books and choose-your-own-adventure books, since the children have been out to the library and brought them in to read. Even Soren has been reading them- not the actual stories, he just reads the choices at the end and keeps going until he is killed, basically!

I’ve been walking on the treadmill recently. I know, I find it hard to believe too. But there’s just no excuse for me to not do it. I wish I enjoyed exercising, because I know it’s good for me and my psychiatrist is pushing me very hard to make it a regular thing, but I really don’t get that much pleasure out of it. There is a certain satisfaction in having done my daily treadmill walk, but that’s about it. And it will be nice to go to the psych tomorrow and when she talks to me about whether I’ve been active or not I can truthfully say yes, I have!


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