Tuesday 25th August 2015

I had a quiet day at home today. I did a bit of knitting and cast on for one of the sleeves of my cardigan. I finished doing the back at last, yay! I decided to do a sleeve next because it has a cable pattern in the centre of it and might be more interesting than the endless straight rows of the back.

We got the boys’ Naplan results back yesterday. They were both excellent. Nicholai’s were mostly off the graph, and Jericho had a couple off the graph too, and the rest were pretty much all in the top 20%.

I’m so proud of Jericho, and I really hope he is proud of himself too and can use this to give him a little boost in confidence. He’s so much better at things than he gives himself credit for.

Troy spoke to the garage today, and they know what’s wrong with our car. It’s about an $800 fix, although if the mechanic can get a second hand part that might be less. So we gave him the go-ahead to get on with doing that, and we’ll talk to him in a day or two about when it will be ready to get picked up. Probably Troy and I will drive there together and then drive back in separate cars.



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