Saturday 22 August 2015

We had beautiful weather for the final game of the hockey season today. (Although Jericho’s team is playing in a round-robin competition next weekend, I have no idea why, so it’s not the very last game of all.) I thought I might get sunburned sitting there watching, but it was lovely not to be cold and damp while they played. Emma’s team lost again, but it was a closer score this time and the girls did well. Jericho’s team won by four goals I think, which was an excellent result for them.

Nicholai was in a Tournament of the Mind thing today. I don’t fully understand what they do there, but it’s a kind of problem solving/ creative/ academic competition. Or something like that. He’s not very good at explaining.

Anyway, I took Emma to hockey early and Troy dropped Nicholai off and then brought the other two boys to hockey. We bought lunch to celebrate it being the last week, and then I took all the kids home and Troy went and collected Nicholai.

The afternoon was nice. I read in the hammock chair for a while, and also worked in the library with Troy for a bit. We’ve finished putting all the books up through P. We had heaps of P books too, with all the Picoult and Pullein-Thompson. The place still looks like a complete mess though, I can’t wait until it’s all nice.


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