Friday 21 August 2015

Collecting football cards is the latest fad at school. Not with my children, who aren’t into football, but everyone else. You can’t turn around in the schoolyard without tripping over children huddled over their albums and fistfuls of cards. Driving home from school my kids were telling me about this and then I told them about having swap cards (or ‘swappies’ as we called them, ha ha ha) when I was little. For some reason they found the idea of me having swap cards really funny, and got really excited when I told them I bet I still had my album out in the shed. I went out after tea and dug it out for them and they had a great time looking at all my old cards. I don’t have as many as I did at one point (my album wasn’t full) but I had enough for them to have fun looking at them. Emma was all “awww, they’re so cuuuuuute!” and it kind of made me wish once again that she’d had a sister and then they could have done swapcards.

Actually, the funniest thing of the whole evening was the note we found written on the back of one of the swap cards- This is a very nice swap card. Very nice indeed. It is so cute I could die! Emma was in hysterics when she read that. Looking at the handwriting I’d bet it was Lee who wrote it!

I had a quiet day at home today since it was Friday, my favourite day of the week. I did haul my ass outside and go for a walk down to the shops though. It should barely be worth noting, but I’m so generally hopeless that the fact that I did it is something of an achievement. Luna liked it anyway.

Teaching went well yesterday. I spoke to Hayley, who has agreed to be my mentor teacher, about my project and I feel as though I have at least a vague idea as to what I’m going to do for that. I still feel sick with nerves when I think about it, but that’s just going to have to be lived with until it’s over. Fingers crossed this will be done by the end of the year?

Troy took Emma to the orthodontist yesterday afternoon to get her braces fixed. Apparently it didn’t go as smoothly as it did when they first put them on and it hurt her and she cried a little bit. She was still a bit red eyed and sniffly at home later. Poor girl. It’s also taking her hours to eat anything while she gets used to them.

I’m continuing to knit away at my cardigan. It’s taking forever- I’ve decided I actually don’t like knitting big things like this. There’s just no pay-off. It’s 124 stitches wide, so I can knit for an hour and see no noticeable difference. I realise I just have to keep on going with it, but it’s not really inspiring me to work on it. I do love the yarn and I will love the cardigan once it’s done, but getting it done is going to be an endless chore.

I decided that in an effort to break up this knitting drudgery I would order the yarn I need to make the little stockings for the advent calendar, but when I went to Bendigo Woollen Mills site they didn’t have the green I want in stock! So I had a big dilemma about waiting for them to restock, or ordering a second-choice green. I’ve decided to wait, even though it made me sad…I’ve got so much time before Christmas there’s no need to rush, and it would be silly to make it in colours that I don’t love when I want to keep using it for years and years to come. I’ll just keep knitting at the cardigan.

8 thoughts on “Friday 21 August 2015

  1. Jesse has footy cards and collects little footy players. One day after auskick Craig took Skyla to toyworld and they chose a swap card album and some swap cards then went and had a milkshake and put all the cards in. It was a super cute daddy daughter time and she loves them. I went on ebay and bought a couple of swap cards that I used to have cause I don’t have mine anymore. Our swap cards were so cute I could die!! Not like these new ones! Haha I hope you have a lovely weekend and good luck to em with her braces! She still looks gorgeous and hopefully now it all goes smoothly! Xo

  2. Poor Emma, I remember the pain and discomfort of having new braces. She’s going to find out the hard way which foods she can no longer bite into without getting a mess in her braces! The big one I remember is apples. I had to cut the into slices as biting straight into one took too long to clean up afterwards.

  3. Oh, and just to show my age, I was living in Montreal in 1976 when the Olympics were hosted there and my friends and I collected and swapped Olympic sticker cards. 🙂 I don’t know what happened to them. Never was good at looking after my stuff as a kid.

    • It’s so funny to be reminded of stuff I did when I was a kid, like the swapcards. To be honest I was kind of surprised when I realised I still had them- I can’t wait to see my niece’s collection of 2015 swapcards and see what they’re like compared to mine!

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