Sunday 16th August 2015

Nicholai has a curriculum day tomorrow, so he’s having a friend come over. I said that was okay, and told him to organise it all, and then said that if he wanted to have a friend over he had to clean up his room so that the friend could at least set foot in it. Nicholai then stamped out of the room shouting dramatically, “There’s always a catch!”

No football today! So we used our sport free Sunday to drag all the kids with us to Costco, which made us about as popular as you would think. Really the kids weren’t that bad, and we got everything we needed so that made it a success. It’s so crowded though, and so annoying the way people don’t know how to walk around in queues properly to make it easier and more convenient for everyone!

Afternoon was the usual afternoon activities- the children spent the rest of their poker chips, Troy played on the Wii, I played on my computer and did some writing, the children jumped on the trampoline, the children behaved like maniacs…it’s all good.


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