Saturday 15th August 2015

Second last day for hockey today. Troy had to work so it was up to me to get both of them to the correct ground at the right time. Fortunately it worked out, although we had to get up pretty early to be at Camberwell in time for a 9am game. That was Emma’s game, and they lost by a lot. It’s frustrating to watch sometimes because they really don’t play that badly, but they just lose every week! Today they were a couple of players down and didn’t have a goalie though, so that makes it pretty near impossible. The other team’s goalie actually came and played for us for the last half, just so they’d have a chance to do something.

Jericho’s game was at Waverly, fortunately, since we were able to get there in good time. He played well and his team won, which I think means they’ve won and lost an equal amount over the season. By the time we got home Troy had finished his appointments, bought lunch, and done the dishes, so that was nice to come home to.

I made some candles this afternoon, while the children alternately laughed like lunatics or screamed like banshees. I have no idea what was going on, but they were crazy. Definitely in need of an early night I think.


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