Thursday 13 August 2015

Jericho came home and told me that he has eliminated being a doctor from his career options. Apparently they had sex ed at school today and when they googled ‘human body parts’ he saw more than he wanted too. He told me it was very gross and disturbing, so perhaps it’s a good thing he had no burning desire to be a doctor.

I taught today. Four classes were great, and one class was so terrible that I gave them 2/10 for their score (they get a score for every specialist class, they’re working towards a reward) and their teacher was so cross with them that when I went back to pick up the kids she’d made them all write an apology note to me.

At least I’ve been teaching long enough that I no longer take things like this personally. I still don’t think I’m the most effective teacher in the world, but there are other things besides me that influence any given class on any given day.

I came home and watched MASH and did nothing else really. I had a headache and sore throat yesterday and I feel a bit like I’m fighting off a virus, so I really wasn’t inspired for anything.

I’ve finished watching the X-files. The last two seasons, without Mulder most of the time, weren’t as good, and quite a lot of the time I was pretty confused as to what was happening, but I really liked it. I’m really glad I got them for Christmas, because I had a good time watching and I suspect the re-watchability will be okay. Might be good, because now I know how it ends some of the earlier things might make more sense!

We’re got a new problem with Pedro. He is just barking and barking and it’s driving me crazy. It must be annoying the neighbours too. This is something he’s never really done (apart from full moon nights) and I think it’s just part of his age. He can’t see or hear properly anymore, so he’s barking at things he thinks he hears or sees but that aren’t necessarily there. It also might be a sign of him going a bit senile- he just starts barking and kind of forgets what he’s doing and forgets to stop. I really don’t know…how do you decide when it’s time?



One thought on “Thursday 13 August 2015

  1. I have always tried to look at the quality of life the pet has. Mine have always “told” me. I just knew it was time, it wasn’t something I felt guilty about. I felt horribly sad, but not guilty

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