Sunday 9 August 2015

I had the best sleep-in this morning, with the kids on their sleepover. Even when I woke up I could just stay in bed talking to Troy and hanging out all warm and cosy and relaxed.

We picked them up just before lunch, came home and ate and then did the surprisingly arduous task of sorting out of all the children’s shoes. We took every single pair of shoes in the buckets/ shelves/ closets and laid them out in the living room, then looked at who fit in to what shoes, and what shoes needed to be replaced. By the time we’d sorted through and passed down barely worn shoes we needed to go out and buy the three boys new sneakers, and also new school schools for Nicholai.

Unfortunately for me I tripped and fell while walking into the shopping centre. Just crashed down really hard onto my hands and knees. It was almost faint-inducing levels of pain, so I just sat there feeling really sick and wobbly and painful until everyone else got bored and I could struggle to my feet. I ripped my pants, but I didn’t realise how much I’d ripped my skin until my knee started feeling wet and I found out I was dripping blood down my leg as we walked around the shops. Troy had a clean hanky though, which tied around my leg made a pretty reasonable little bandage to keep the blood contained.

Apart from that little disaster the shopping went well. All the boys found sneakers they were happy with, and even Emma was happy because I found sneakers on clearance for $10 (we were at Kmart) and bought them for her to grow in to. Nicholai’s school shoes wound up needing to be purchased from a proper shoe shop, which made them a lot pricier, but hopefully they’ll last longer since they cost more.

We also got a clock radio to go in Jericho and Soren’s room so they can look at that in the morning and know whether it’s time to get out of bed or not. We used to have the egg light on a timer, but the light broke and so they’ve been coming into our room to check Troy’s clock radio in the morning. They’re not exactly little sprites either, so they tend to wake Troy up quite often at 5 o’clock! Hopefully their own clock radio will stop that.

And we bought the children more socks. Because in this house there are never enough socks.

We also bought Pitch Perfect 2 though, since it was only $15 so tonight I’m going to have a movie night, yay! I love Pitch Perfect, so I have high hopes for this sequel.


5 thoughts on “Sunday 9 August 2015

  1. Pitch Perfect was on TV here last night so I DVR’d it to watch again…so good…can’t wait to see PP2.
    What happened with the fall? I do that a lot. I am naturally clumsy, but I think the meds have something to do with it as well.

    • Pitch Perfect 2 was very good too- hopefully you’ll enjoy it when you get to see it!
      I have no idea, I seemed to just trip over nothing! I’m very uncoordinated, this is not the first time I have done something like this. It’s very embarrassing.

  2. I hope your knee is ok, that sounds painful!!! Guess what I did today? went and bought Jesse new school shoes and Target had pitch perfect 2 but it was $30 so what a bargain you got!!! I buy black velvro sneakers at Target for Jesse’s school shoes. they only cost $20 but these are the 4th pair I have bought. because he plays on the oval his shoes get wet all the time but I through these last ones out not because they were wrecked but because they stank sooooo much. Everytime I picked him up from school I thought he farted!!! hahah. I might be better off to buy him more expensive ones but only get a couple a year. Even though I dont think that I have spent too much considering he wears them 5 days a week. I hope your movie night is aweosme, I love you xoxox

    • Those shoes sound SO gross! Kids just wear out shoes so fast, it’s insane. While we were cleaning out all the shoes I found a pair of size 2 football boots so I will clean them and send them to you for Jesse to grow in to, if he would like that?

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