Saturday 8th August 2015

We scored a free futon today. It’s been out on the nature strip with a ‘free’ sign on it since the start of the week, so we stopped on the way home from hockey today and picked it up. The frame has been rained on but it’s just aluminium and will dry off with no ill effects. The cushion that goes on it (which is dark blue and shows no real fading or signs of wear) was up on their verandah out of the weather so we picked that up and stuffed it into the car while Troy and Nicholai carried the frame home. It’s one of those metal futons that fold flat from a couch to a bed and aren’t very comfortable to sit on, but it is the perfect thing for out in the library. And for a freebie I’m extremely happy with it.

We all went to hockey today. The plan was to watch Emma’s game, and then in the gap between Emma and Jericho’s game I was going to go to the shopping centre and try and buy new boots. They have an Aussie Disposals store there, and I thought I’d be sure to get the boots I wanted. Unfortunately they didn’t have them in my size, so I just had to go back to the hockey empty handed.

Hockey was good. Emma’s team played well, as they always do, but were also pretty soundly beaten. It’s frustrating because they’re all trying so hard, but they’re just not able to convert that to results.

Jericho’s team did very well and won, 3-2. They’re going to be really good next year. Although they may have lots of little newbie players- Soren is pretty sure that he wants to play hockey next year. He’ll only be 7 but under 10s is the youngest age group they have so he’d have to play with Jericho in that team.

The afternoon was full of kids behaving like maniacs. Either bitching and moaning at each other, or laughing hysterically at things on the computer- it was incredibly frustrating to be constantly dealing with all these little dramas.

Nicholai has such an attitude. And about his hair! He’s so mortally offended when we tell him to wash it, like we’re persecuting him about having dirty hair…but seriously, all he has to do is wash it and we’ll stop! He complains that we go on about it all the time, when literally all that happens is that when we’re telling him to get in the bath/shower we tell him to wash his hair as well.

He also has an attitude about the other kids. He will carry on like a total diva because “they don’t like me!” It doesn’t matter how many times we have suggested to him that they might like him better if he wasn’t always so mean to them, it hasn’t sunk in! He thinks that the fact that they don’t like him and they don’t get along is completely due to his siblings’ personal failures, and absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he can’t let an opportunity to insult someone pass by!

I ordered my boots online this afternoon. After trying on a couple of pairs at the store this morning I know what size I need, so online ordering makes more sense than trekking around to different shops in an effort to find non-steel-toed workboots.

The kids have all gone for a sleepover at Grandma and Pop’s house tonight. I’m sure they’ll have a great time, and then I can sleep in tomorrow because we have NO football and thus have no plans. It’s delightful to think we have a free day.


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