Friday 7th August 2015

I need to stop wearing crocs when I pick up the kids from school. That schoolyard is turning into a treacherous mudpit, and today I fell over twice. Once I went splat on my butt, and the other I went splat on my front, so it was a nice, equal opportunity muddying of my clothes, hurting of my wrists and denting of my pride.

Of course, perhaps I should stop wearing crocs full stop. I am fully aware that they are ugly and that probably everyone laughs at me for wearing them, (especially in the winter) but they are so comfortable I am finding it difficult to let them go.

It was a good day up until that point. I love Fridays. I do nothing (well, as little as possible, anyway) and feel no guilt about not planning, since teaching is far away I don’t have to worry about it.

Today was cold and rainy, so it was an especially good day for cosily watching tv. I’m on the last season of the X-files and since it really ought to have finished at the end of season 7 when Mulder left it’s beginning to turn into something of a trial. Some individual episodes are still good and Doggett and Reyes are good characters, but overall it’s disappointing.


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