Sunday 2nd August 2015

Today was Nicholai’s last football game for the season. Yay! We all went and watched him lose by 42 points, but that’s quite a tiny margin compared to what they did lose by during the year so really they ended on an up note.

It was so cold though. The weather looked beautiful, but there just wasn’t any warmth in the sun at that time of day so I was glad when the game was over. It wasn’t home time though, instead we had to go to the Sanctuary for a family get together to celebrate Zach and Charlotte turning ten, which they did at some point in the past month or two. Apparently turning ten is a big deal. I don’t know, I know we did a family ‘ten’ birthday party for Alex, Will and Emma, but I always thought it was just because their birthdays were so close together. It seemed kind of odd to do this birthday celebration for Zach and Charlotte when their birthdays were weeks ago and it was Jericho’s birthday on Wednesday and Susan’s birthday today.

Anyway, we got to the Sanctuary and saw the koalas, echidnas, kangaroos and emus before we got to the shelter that Steve and Jean had reserved. It had a fireplace, so we made a beautiful big fire and I spent quite a bit of time in front of that, toasting myself nicely. In what was quite the miracle, everyone arrived in a reasonable timeframe, so the kids played with their cousins and we cooked our barbecue and ate lunch and had some cake and it was okay. As far as family things go.

I think the others were going to look around the Sanctuary after lunch, but I was tired and we felt we were a bit over family togetherness so we came home. The kids all spent what was left of their poker chips and then played Lego and read and jumped on the trampoline and did their kid things.

I was so tired I went and had a nap, although I did cry a lot first. I just felt so bad that we’d been to the football and then the Sanctuary and then I was just so wiped out. I mean, these are not big things to do- the football involves standing at the fence and watching, and the Sanctuary involved a little bit of walking and then hanging around the pavilion for a couple of hours. I should not be as tired as though I’d spent the six hours hiking through the mountains! I just get fed up with being pathetic. Although in the end I cried and then slept and then felt a little bit better, so no drama.


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