Friday 31st July 2015

I’ve just had one of those days where nothing bad happens and yet you just feel completely cranky and hateful for no reason. Very frustrating. Really, it was a good day- the weather was beautiful, I got to sleep in, it was quiet and relaxing at home, the kids were fine when they came home from school. I was just a grump.

I got my new activity tracker band today. That’s actually pretty good I think- I threw the broken one in the post on Thursday afternoon last week, and this one arrived on Thursday this week (I didn’t get to the post office until today though.) Anyway, it’s just the same as the old one except it’s new and shiny. I had to set it up and sync it to my phone, and now I have to begin lowering its expectations of what I can do, since its default start is a goal of ten thousand steps a day and I…don’t do that.

Jericho went shopping with Steve and Jean this afternoon, to buy things for his birthday. I think the idea was to buy him some clothes and a toy, but they’ve never done this so I’ll be interested to see how it all went down. (They picked him up after school and were going to shop and have tea, it’s now 7.50 so we’re waiting for them to bring him home again.)

Troy has to go to work tomorrow, which is a pain in the neck with hockey. We’ve had to ask Steve and Jean to help, since I can’t be in two places at a time with two different kids. Steve and Jean will take Emma (and the oranges and lollies that it’s our turn to provide) and I’ll take Jericho. Soren…I’m guessing he’ll choose Grandma and Pop over me, ha ha ha! Nicholai will stay home on his own and spend every minute of it glued to his screens. At least it keeps him out of trouble I guess.

My beautiful old man Pedro


2 thoughts on “Friday 31st July 2015

  1. I hope you have a good weekend, and hopefully Soren goes with Steve and Jean and you can relax on your own while Jericho is playing!!!
    And I love seeing old, wise, lovely Pedro. xoxo

    • I’m pretty sure he’ll go with Steve and Jean…after all, they are much more fun than Mum and do things like buy snacks at the canteen and let him play on their phones!
      It’s funny to think that Kyan and Pedro are both old man dogs now. I remember Pedro was just a puppy when you were going to uni in Bundoora and visiting us at the Steels Creek Road house.

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