Wednesday 29th July 2015

Happy birthday Jericho! It was an early start to the day to give him his presents, which he loved. I will say again, that there is nothing quite like Jericho when he is happy.

I left early with Emma, to take her to the orthodontist. It was just an adjustment on her appliance today, but he said that next time she goes he wants to put some braces on some of her front teeth to bring them into place. So that’s going to be an interesting step. I think she’ll look so grown up with braces on her teeth! I am also fascinated to see what her teeth are going to end up after this whole process is done. For the money it costs they’d better be perfect, but I don’t know what perfect is going to look like on Emma!

Speaking of Emma, we had a letter today that she didn’t get into the SEAL program at the high school. I’m not really that disappointed. It’s been a great program for Nicholai and it would have been good for Emma too, but she might do better in the end in the lower pressure environment of a regular classroom. She doesn’t seem too upset by not being selected either, which is good- she just kind of said, “Oh well.” I still think she lacks a lot of confidence at times, but in other ways she’s doing very well. I think doing the MAT and CHAMPS groups and playing hockey have been really good for her. It’s given her a chance to get to know different groups of girls and make some new friends, which has increased her social confidence a lot, something that’s going to be good for next year, when she’ll go on to high school without any friends.

The kids had a great day at school. Emma and Soren wore pyjamas and Jericho wore regular clothes, and they all said it was really fun. They watched the Lion King, and a movie called Paper Planes, and they all made their own paper planes and shared the lunch. I was really surprised at how few kids were left at school today, it was a big majority that went to the Lion King stage show.

We had a birthday afternoon tea for Jericho, since he had hockey training and wouldn’t be home for tea. (I gave him spaghetti bolognaise last night, since that would have been his pick.) For afternoon tea he asked for chicken snacks and noughts and crosses cheezels, so we had those and a birthday cake and some lollies and lemonade. Troy came home from work early and his mum and dad came by too, so I think Jericho enjoyed it.

I just can’t believe he’s nine. Nine always seems like a significant birthday to me, because I have a lot of very clear memories from when I was nine. It’s like…whatever happens now they’ll remember!

And Jericho being nine…wasn’t it only yesterday that Benita was speeding down the highway from Ballarat thinking she might miss the birth, only to have to hang around for the rest of the day as he took his sweet time? How can it be nine years since I first picked up my chubby little moonbaby? Looking at how he’s grown in nine years, I am can’t even imagine how he’s going to grow over the next nine.

Opening the Pokemon cards.


Soren’s crazy tooth, ha ha ha.



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