Tuesday 28th July 2015

Soren is like a crookedly carved jack-o-lantern at the moment. One of his top front teeth has fallen out, leaving a really huge gap, and the tooth next to it is loose and crooked, hence the carved pumpkin face he’s got going on. It’s kind of hilariously, horribly, adorable.

I spoke to the speech therapist about him today. She said he’s improved and has ‘consolidated some of his vowel sounds’ so there’s a couple more we have to work on. Getting him to properly articulate multi-syllable words will come with time, practice, and his increasing awareness of when people do or don’t understand him. We’ve got a couple of exercises to practise at home, and then she’ll see him again in a month or so. I’m happy with that.

Kids have got a Lion King pyjama party at school tomorrow. The school organised a trip to go and see the Lion King on stage, which is happening tomorrow, but for all the kids that aren’t going they’re having a shared lunch and watching the Lion King dvd and another movie as well. They can wear free dress, and it can be pyjamas if they want to. My kids are looking forward to it. I thought it was a good idea until I had to make a savoury and a sweet plate to take!

It’s Jericho’s birthday tomorrow. He’s going to be nine!


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