Monday 27th July 2015

I really hate picking up the kids and having it all descend into a chaotic disaster of whining and screaming and fighting and crying! Today was one such day.

I don’t know- really it was Jericho. He’s in fits about his homework regularly lately, and with him once one thing isn’t the way he thinks it should be then suddenly everything is wrong and he just goes on and on and on. He has real trouble resetting himself. Today he screamed and cried and flailed around about everyone hating him and homework and Soren doing something with the Yu-gi-oh cards, and eventually stamped outside and did his homework on the table in the backyard and came back inside feeling normal again. It’s exhausting.

I’d had a pretty quiet day up until that point, which probably made the sudden explosion of shrieking and carrying on more jarring. I’d taken Luna for a walk down to the ponds this morning, done several loads of laundry and watched some X-files and done some knitting. Which is very nice to do, but pretty boring to write about.


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