Friday 24 July 2015

I had such a super lazy day today. Troy took the kids to school so I slept in, and then when I woke up I was still kind of tired so after lunch I lay down and took a nap. It was wonderful.

We had weird weather- windy and sunny in the morning, then raining in the afternoon when I left to pick the kids up. By the time we were coming home the sun had come out and we saw a pretty spectacular complete rainbow. Then just now it was pouring again.

Hockey tomorrow. I’m going to take Emma and Troy’s going to take Jericho because they’re not at the same place, and then Mum and Dad are going to come by for lunch. We’re going to sing Happy Birthday to Jericho, since it is his birthday on Wednesday. He’s so funny about his birthday actually, he keeps on casually asking at random times, “So what did you buy me for my birthday?” like he thinks if he catches me off guard I’m going to just tell him!



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