I taught this morning, so I’m pretty tired tonight. It went well though, and I enjoyed it. I asked Hayley if she’d be my mentor teacher for all this junk I have to do to get full registration and she said she would, so at least I’ve made a little start on that. Now, if I could just come up with an enquiry question I’d be going well!

I have actually thought about that. I wanted to do something about teaching the children about Indonesia as a country- so many of them just don’t have that concept. So I thought about doing a big unit on that, tracking a few of the kids from the start to the end, see how their understanding grows. Which is good and I’ll probably do it anyway, but to be able to use it for my provisional registration project I have to somehow reframe it as a question. So, I guess I’m working on that.

I had to take Emma to have her photo taken for the speech contest this afternoon. This is a speech contest for grades 5 and 6 students and it’s sponsored by Rotary. Each school can enter two or three students, and Emma is one of them this year. (Nicholai did it when he was in grade 5 and came third). Apparently she’s doing a speech on ‘My Favourite Animal’ which truthfully doesn’t sound like a very inspiring topic, but maybe she’s done something marvellous with it. But getting the photo taken and then letting the children play on the playground took so long I didn’t get home until about ten minutes after Troy.

My Vivosmart band has been sent back. I’ve only had it since Christmas, but the inner, coloured band cracked and bits broke off. The outer band is holding it together, but it’s obviously not as secure on as it was, as well as the cracks kind of pinching my skin in a niggly, annoying way. Arranging this return was a mess though, since I couldn’t find the receipt or anything. In the end I asked Jean for a copy of her credit card statement and they accepted that as proof of purchase, and told me to send it back to them. I’m guessing that because of the way the whole unit is integrated they’ll just send me a new one instead of doing any repair. Either way I don’t care, I just want it back as soon as I can get it! I already miss it- I keep tapping my wrist to turn it on and being surprised when I just hit my wrist instead. As well as counting my steps it’s my watch and alarm and it controls my music, so I am definitely noticing that it’s gone.


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