Friday 17th July 2015

I made a mistake with my medication this morning and absent-mindedly ate half of my night time ones instead of the morning ones. So I ended up having a very good sleep during the early afternoon.

I went to the teacher seminar yesterday. It was not as bad as I had expected- yes it made me feel like the dumbest person in the world and yes I still disagree about having to do this assignment to become fully registered at all, but at least I kind of understand what I have to do now.

It still freaks me out though, and that’s the kind of thing that makes me doubt that I should be teaching at all. I just feel so unprofessional all the time, like I’m playing a game and once the grown ups come and see what I’m doing they’ll tell me to just stop it and leave it to them.

I did get two free pens and notepads and a ruler- promotional stationery is always fun.

Troy drove and dropped me off, then he and the children went to Officeworks. He picked up my photobooks that they had ready, and then he gave the children $5 to spend. I love seeing what they choose to buy when they have something like that. Nicholai chose a tiny notebook and a pen, Emma chose some white-out, a little wooden elephant and a giant eraser, Jericho chose an exercise book and two pens and Soren chose a little sketchpad and a four-colour pen. Anyway, that filled in a lot of time for them, and then they had tea at La Porchetta and by then it was time to pick me up.

Soren had another speech assessment the other day, and I talked to the speech therapist today. She said some of the vowel sounds had improved, a couple were still not right and she can give us some exercises to help with that. She also said that there’s a very mild dyspraxia sort of element to his speech, which means that although there’s nothing wrong with his muscles/ tongue/ lips etc his brain has trouble coordinating them all at the same time for clear speech. She said that she noticed he’s far clearer when he’s reading than when he’s just speaking, and said that it’s because with the slower pace of reading aloud compared to regular speech, his brain and mouth have a bit of extra time to coordinate themselves. She also said he has more trouble with multi-syllable words than with the sounds themselves. One of the examples she gave was the way he says Jericho. When she had him clap out the syllables he can say them all fine, but when he puts it together he kind of slurs it into a two syllable ‘Jer-cho’ sort of word.

Anyway, it was just a quick chat today. I’ve got an appointment set up to talk to her next week and I’ll find out more about it then. She did say once again that it’s nothing to worry about and that all of these issues will improve with time. Honestly, he’s probably just like Troy, who apparently didn’t speak clearly until he was eight and who even today I am always accusing of mumbling.

Troy and I are going shopping tonight for Jericho’s birthday. There were some Skylander things on sale in a catalogue that we thought he might like, and we’ll probably have a look at the old standby of Lego, since he can never get enough of that.


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