Tuesday 14th July 2015

I don’t mind this cold and rainy weather personally. It’s cosy inside while I’m doing my things, listening to the rain. But the effect on the children is SO BAD. They haven’t been able to go out and jump on the trampoline in days, and if tonight’s behaviour is any indication they really need to! They’re nuts tonight, and it’s driving me mad. Although we’re all sitting here quietly watching Mythbusters now, so everyone can chill out before bed while learning some science. And watching explosions.

I didn’t go on a walk today. Jean was sick, so she called it off today. I didn’t mind, since as it turned out I actually thought ahead about my teaching on Thursday and started making a new Indo game that’s going to take me forever. It’s for the ‘clothes’ unit, and I’m printing and cutting out and laminating paper dolls and their clothes, and making a game that’s kind of like that Build a Beetle game where you have to add one item of clothing at a time until they’re dressed and someone wins. It’s really cute and it’s going to be so fun for the kids, but it’s a LOT of cutting out. And to make it all sturdier and add to longevity I am printing it on card instead of regular paper, so that makes it harder to cut out. Hopefully it will be worth it once it is done, it’s always handy to have some games ready to go.

I went to Officeworks to buy the cardstock and more laminating pockets today. We also needed photo paper and printer ink, so it wound up being a very expensive little shopping trip. Apart from that I mostly sat at home watching the X-files and cutting out little paper clothes until my hands could hardly move.


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