Sunday 12 July 2015

Since when do kids pick up lice on the school holidays??? Since now, apparently. Yesterday Nicholai and Emma complained that they had itchy heads, so today when they had clean hair I Robi-combed their heads and…yes. Again. So we checked Jericho and Soren and…yes, them too. All four of them at one time. Such joy! However in a surprising piece of luck we had some lice shampoo in the cupboard so we did all their heads right away. Hopefully this isn’t going to drag out.

Another day of freezing cold rain. Poor Nicholai had to play football and Troy said it was about 5 degrees at the ground. They lost 100 to zero which could have been quite demoralising, but Nicholai had a couple of touches and a tackle so he was happy with it.

Troy and I made a start on the library this morning. It really was in such a mess. So far we’ve alphabetised A-C, which doesn’t seem like a lot, to be honest! But at least it’s a start, and those are big sections I think. There are a lot fewer books for some of the other letters.

We also went through and made a big pile of old schoolbooks to go out. There were things there from uni that are all out of date. Even the things that are still relevant pretty much have all the information I’ll need on the web (like the child development ones) so there’s not much point in keeping them. Getting rid of them will open up a bit more space for books too.

Obviously I’m in need of more order in my life, because after Troy and I did the library in the morning he took Nicholai to football and I cleaned off my desk. That was a bit of a task, since I tend to come back from teaching and just dump everything on the desk and leave it. So there were big piles of worksheets and lesson plans everywhere that had to be sorted through.

Kids go back to school tomorrow. Thank goodness the holidays are over.


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