Saturday 11th July 2015

There was no hockey today because of the school holidays, and we had perfect staying at home weather- cold and raining. Unfortunately this cold and rain is due to continue tomorrow, when Nicholai has football. He’s playing up in the hills and it’s going to be freezing.

It was good for today though. Troy and I had talked about getting some things done outside (mowing all the grass and cutting back the plum trees and the tree out the front) but that wasn’t going to happen so we did a couple of jobs inside instead. We cleaned off the bench and then we cleaned off the dresser. I say that like it’s no big deal, but the dresser is just the biggest collector of rubbish in the world and it was piled high with books and papers and receipts and toys and robot fish and newspapers and blah blah blah.

We’re not very organised people.

I also started the horrid task of untangling the ball and a half of yarn I dyed. I knew at the time that just throwing it into the dye was a bad idea, but of course in the moment I had very cavalier attitude about it- just deal with it later. Now that it’s later I’m regretting that. I’ve spent a few hours on it and probably still have another hour or so to go…I don’t think I’m going to take up dying yarn at any point.

The library is the next thing we really need to spend a few hours organising. There’s an overflowing box of books in the kitchen (added to today with all the books that were piled up on the dresser) that needs to go out there, but the place is a disaster. I know, it seems so wrong that I have a library and let it fall into disrepair, but this is honestly the children’s fault. They play out there, and then take out books and leave them lying around and now it’s just a mess. I really want to alphabetise it and put up reading and book posters like a proper library, but since the kids can’t seem to put non-alphabetised books back on the shelf I’m not sure how that would work really.


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