Friday 10 July 2015

I slept in until 10.45 this morning and then I fell asleep in the afternoon and had a nap for probably a half hour or so…my children are raising themselves, like wolves.

They’ve been pretty good though. Emma and Jericho and Soren are all good buddies, and have been doing a lot of playing together. They were all drawing together today, and when they go on the computer in the afternoons they always watch the others and help them build their minecraft things. Nicholai doesn’t get along quite so well with that little threesome, unfortunately.

Emma continues to be grown up and responsible. She helps the boys with everything (sometimes I think that Jericho really takes advantage of that) and she reads Twilight (she’s up to New Moon, Bella has just discovered Jacob is a werewolf) and she listens to music on her iphone and continues to create little outfits for herself. However she’s having a friend over tomorrow and she’s looking forward to playing with her Monster High dolls, so really it’s quite an interesting time for her.

The boys keep being boys. I don’t understand them, even though I’m trying.



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