Thursday 9th July 2015

I have no idea why, or where this came from, but yesterday Soren came up to me and said, “Haters gotta hate, and beavers gotta beave!” I have no idea what he was trying to get across with this statement, it was almost too baffling to laugh at.

The children went on an outing to Werribee zoo today, organised by some group called the Mental Illness Fellowship of Victoria. We were linked to it via Emma’s CHAMPS group, and I thought the kids would have fun even if they didn’t know any of the other kids. It turned out there was one kid from Emma’s group there, but it sounds like all the other kids were nice and friendly. Emma and Soren were keen to go, Jericho and Nicholai not so much, but I made the decision they would all go.

I had plans for a blissfully relaxing and rejuvenating day alone, but it didn’t really work that way. For whatever reason I was actually really stressed about the kids going on this outing. Than, as we went to leave in the morning, we discovered the van had a flat tyre so the kids and I had to jump in Troy’s car. I’m so out of practise driving a manual that the whole trip there and back made me incredibly frazzled.

I stopped at the shopping centre on the way home to return a dvd. I went to kmart, where I haven’t been for ages, and bought new socks for the little boys and some tins to re-pot my ever growing succulent plants in to, and a new pillow for Troy.

I watched some X-files when I came home, and spent some irritating time on the phone to product support at Garmin. The inner band of my Vivosmart (the coloured part) has developed cracks. It’s being held together by the outer black band so we’re good for now, but it’s obviously not ideal considering I’ve been using it for about half a year. However because I’m me and I’m hopeless I have no idea where the receipt for this is, so I’m trying to deal directly with the company about getting a repair or replacement. It’s frustrating. Mostly because it should be completely straightforward- the product has a 12 month warranty and has been available in Australia for LESS time than that so it HAS to be covered. It’s also frustrating because if I had been sensible and put the receipt for it in a place where I might find it again I wouldn’t have any of this to worry about!

I did re-pot the plants though. It was nice sitting out on the steps doing that, and I’m happy (and surprised) that they seem to be growing so well on my study windowsill.


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