Wednesday 8th July 2015

The kids can be so funny in how different they are. Today Soren told me he was going to collect ‘helpful points’ for doing helpful things, and was there anything I wanted him to do? About two minutes later I heard Jericho say to Emma, “Why don’t we play that game where you’re my servant and you bring me my lunch?”

The children and I went to Costco this morning. It was pretty good really, the kids were very well behaved. We got most of the things that we went for, and the kids picked cookies for a snack so they were delicious too.

The rest of the day was pretty ordinary really, for a holiday day. The children spent their poker chips on computer time and then played on the trampoline. I watched High School Musical 2 and did some knitting for a little while. I remember why I like knitting baby things now. I’m doing my cardigan and visible progress is very very slow.

It’s really quiet at home tonight. Nicholai has gone to have a sleepover at Steve and Jean’s so that he can watch the Ashes, and Troy has taken Emma and a reluctant Jericho to hockey training. So it was just Soren and I, and now Soren has gone to bed. At least I have the dog?


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