Sunday 5th July 2015

Troy and the boys and I are all in the loungeroom watching tv. Emma is off in her room, listening to music on her iphone and reading Twilight. It’s hilariously teenager-ish of her, and I’m wondering if this is the way it’s going to be more and more often.

Emma’s iphone is a very new acquisition for her. During the week Troy’s dad upgraded his phone and gave us his old iphone3. Since Emma’s mp3 player recently died (her mp3 player which was actually her grandma’s old ipod shuffle) we did a factory reset on Steve’s phone, installed itunes and put all her music on that today. It’s not set up to be a usable phone for her, but it will play her music for now and we might get a sim card for it when she needs a phone for high school next year. Anyway, that made her very happy today, she’s missed having her music for a while.

It was a lazy day today. Troy fixed up the phone and Emma put her music on it, we all kind of lounged around and did nothing much. Fortunately we had some sunshine and the trampoline dried off so I could send the children outside to jump on it, since the three younger ones have all been crazy lately. Especially Jericho.

I made a couple of candles. I’m reusing the jars, so today I had to clean out the used ones of the old wick holders and ends of wax, which was much easier than I thought it might be. I love the way making candles makes the whole house smell delicious. It’s a pretty easy process too, and so much cheaper than buying them- I love being able to have a constant supply of scented candles.

I finally finished the little knitted overalls! Emma and I did the dying yesterday, so today I sewed the little rainbow buttons on to them. They’re really cute, in a very hippy-dippy homemade sort of way, so I don’t know…do you like that kind of thing Benny? They’ll look super cute on a roly poly little Ben-and-Cam-baby!

I’m dreading tomorrow. Troy goes back to work and I’m at home with all the children and their craziness. Plus, I have to make phone calls and I hate talking to people on the phone.


2 thoughts on “Sunday 5th July 2015

  1. Well odds are we will have a roly poly baby just made for adorable overalls! Of course I’d be honoured to receive any homemade awesomeness!
    Sounds like a nice Sunday at home for you guys, we had a nice day outside in the winter sunshine, lovely to get outside of the house!

  2. Those overalls are adorable!! You are one clever cookie. Craig and I are about to watch the movie Wild with Reese Witherspoon. Yay what a nice end to the weekend. Enjoy your Sunday night xo

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